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NRI INN Acts and Rules

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1 - Introduction.

Our head office is located in the heart of New Delhi, India and our agents are located in United Kingdom (London), United Arab Emirate (UAE and Australia (Melbourne, Perth, Sidney) bringing you expert assistance to make your business operation effective. NRI INN is a sister firm of Atsha India Pvt Ltd a leading company in Consultancy and Business solution provider in India. We offer a wide range of business, technological and digital solution services to our private and commercial clients that fit their needs, enabling them to achieve innovation and competitiveness. Our reputation and commitment for quality services has been developed over many years and are provided by our disciplined, professional, skilled team members who go extra mile to achieve greater customer satisfaction by assisting you in the time of need. Choose from our wide range of professional services to get the care you need for your business. Our team members are extremely motivated and committed to provide high quality solution to your home and business needs.

2 - Privacy Policy & Terms Of Use

• We don’t ask you to share your personal information unless we truly need it. ( We may use your name to deliver the items to your love once if you wish)
• We never share your personal information with any other person, companies or social sites except to comply with the law or protect our rights.
• We don’t store personal information on our site and any other storage device unless required.
• We have secure payment gateway for processing the payments or you may transfer funds direct in our Bank Account.
• We don’t disclose your Name, Address, Email id, Phone number etc. to anyone.
• We don’t deliver the goods which are prohibited by any country.
• All goods will be delivering outside of India through best and fast Courier Company. • You may contact our Representative for more information and clear any doubt if any.

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